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Dnata expands again with IT and catering acquisitions


Fresh from a rebranding and corporate repositioning conducted earlier this year, dnata embarked on another round of international acquisitions in late 2011. The flight services group is pursuing a strategy of growth through acquisitions, the latest of which will further broaden its already considerable international reach.

In mid-December, the company announced the purchase of a 50% interest in Wings Inflight Services, a South African-based in-flight catering services provider with operations in Johannesburg and Cape Town. The remaining 50% in the company remains in the hands of Mentor Africa Limited and company management. The deal was finalised in mid Dec-2011. [887 words]

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  • Expanding the business with international acquisitions

Graphs and data:

  • dnata group of companies
  • dnata revenue and operating profit: 2000 to 2010
  • dnata group revenue by line of business
  • dnata revenue and operating margins as % of Emirates Group: 2000 to 2010
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