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Continental pilots want regional flying abolished, or is it just posturing?


There’s an old saying – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – that about-to-be-merged Continental and United pilots should, perhaps, learn. The two groups threw down the gauntlet last week saying they wanted to eliminate regional airline outsourcing as part of the new joint contract with the merged United/Continental entity. The pilot groups – both represented by the Air Line Pilots Association – hope to hammer out a deal by year end. Approval by the Justice Department puts the merger ahead of schedule since management did not expect it until the fourth quarter. [3108 words]

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  • ALPA vs ALPA - not a good sign, for anyone
  • The outcome could be very important to aircraft manufacturers
  • The Express programmes have been very profitable
  • Work rules remain a big difference between mainline and regional airlines
  • Merger synergies would be degraded if pilots have their way
  • Another agenda behind the pilots' moves - Aer Lingus JV in their sights?
  • The CO-UA merger provokes a cross-road for regional airlines
  • Meanwhile Southwest benefits from slot releases at New York airports
  • Chairman Oberstar: DoJ's grant of immunity "is regrettable"
  • Broader authority should be given to DoT, he says, while DoJ is confined by limited criteria
  • Chairman Oberstar's wrongly founded hypothesis, ignoring the realities of the new international order
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