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Competition Commission lays down the law on BAA airport sales. BAA questions 'flawed analysis'


As anticipated, the UK's Competition Commission (CC), which has been involved in a two-year long study into airport operating standards and competition issues in the southeast of England and in Scotland, finally recommended that not only should BAA/Ferrovial sell London's Gatwick Airport, already a work in progress, but that it should also sell London Stansted and one airport in Scotland, either Edinburgh or Glasgow. BAA stated it would consider appealing against the decision on the basis of 'flawed analysis' and the impracticalities of selling three airports in difficult economic conditions. [2552 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Two-year deadline might be to BAA's advantage
  • Three-airport sale might "might be impractical" - BAA
  • Not the ideal time to sell
  • Shock new report values Gatwick as little as GBP1.33 billion
  • Manchester and Borealis may need a third partner for Gatwick bid
  • Glasgow a better sale option than Edinburgh for BAA

Graphs and data:

  • BAA's declining traffic - London airports, Feb-09
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