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Coalition Government full frontal attack on British aviation; Heathrow R3 in jeopardy


Five days of horse trading followed the British General Election on 06-May-2010, which ended in a stalemate with no single party having a working majority in the House of Commons. The eventual outcome was a Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition, announced on 11-May, the first in the UK for 70 years. And the green voice has gained several octaves in the process. The respective parties in this coalition are at opposite ends of the political spectrum and it is not at all clear how long it can last. But so long as it does there will be major challenges for British aviation. [3814 words]

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  • Labour disappears to lick its wounds - leaving some plane dangerous leaders
  • Not only Heathrow, but also Stansted and Gatwick under the gun
  • Birmingham improbably seeks to capitalise at Heathrow’s expense
  • Continental airports to benefit? - Paris CDG, Amsterdam, Frankfurt - and the UAE
  • Massive repercussions for British Airways at its home base - migration threat
  • Olympic Games undermined?
  • Thames Estuary Airport unlikely to be attractive to government either
  • High speed rail is a phantom "solution", at least in the medium term
  • LDs + PPDs + APDs = ?
  • Futurologists preview the demise of aviation
  • A viable future for the airline industry needs to be established
  • These are not idle threats
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