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Cimber Sterling puts the hybrid model to the test


Denmark’s Cimber Sterling Airlines, whose vision is to be Denmark’s leading airline, reported its financial and traffic highlights for the period ended 30-Apr-2010. The airline, an amalgam of a regional airline (Cimber) and a failed LCC (Sterling) has recast itself in the mould of a hybrid airline, which it interprets as meaning an airline whose fleet is deliberately made up of a combination of large and small aircraft, enabling Cimber Sterling “to achieve maximum flexibility in its route network, route planning and in its business model.” Based on the period it just reported on, the model does not seem to be working just yet. [1012 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Fleet seems more appropriate to a regional airline
  • The gods are invoked in the search for profits

Graphs and data:

  • Cimber Sterling destination map: Jul-2010
  • Cimber Sterling organisation structure: Jul-2010
  • Cimber Sterling current fleet
  • Cimber Sterling passenger numbers (000s) and load factors (%): 2005/2006 to 2009/2010 
  • Cimber Sterling passenger numbers (000s) and load factors (%): 2009 vs 2010 
  • Cimber Sterling yield and load factors: 2008/09 vs 2009/10
  • Cimber Sterling revenue per ASK (RASK) and cost per ASK (CASK): 2008/09 vs 2009/10
  • Cimber Sterling revenue per ASK (RASK): 2008/09 vs 2009/10
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