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China’s airlines to order more than 2000 aircraft over next five years


Airbus and Boeing have separately stated this month that airlines in the Asia Pacific region would account for a third of total aircraft deliveries over the next 20 years. Much of the growth is being driven by Chinese carriers. Indeed, the CAAC forecasts China’s airlines will order more than 2000 aircraft over next five years alone, underpinned by continued economic growth and rising traffic demand. Beijing's bullish forecast is “sweet music to an airplanes manufacturer’s ears,” according to Boeing. [1971 words]

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  • China’s airlines to order more than 2000 aircraft over next five years: CAAC
  • Individual airlines outline fleet plans
  • Embraer expects tripling of private aircraft in China in 10 years
  • COMAC expects C919 sales to reach 2000 by 2030
  • Chinese aerospace revenue to hit USD60bn by 2020
  • Significant aviation investment to occur in China over next five years
  • Airbus expects Asia Pacific to acquire around 8500 aircraft over next 20 years

Graphs and data:

  • China traffic development and forecast: 2003 to 2030F
  • China Eastern Airlines’ in service, in storage and on order fleet: Mar-2011
  • Air China fleet breakdown for on order aircraft: 14-Mar-2011
  • 2011 aircraft deliveries by carrier
  • Average fleet ages by region: Mar-2011
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