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China’s airlines to increase net fleet by 197 aircraft in 2009


CAAC Secretary, Li Jiaxiang, confirmed China's airlines would purchase 243 aircraft this year and retire 46 aircraft for a net increase of 197 aircraft – or a new aircraft delivery every second day on average. According to Mr Li, Chinese airlines would add between 150-200 aircraft each year over the next few years. [955 words]

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  • Boeing receives no cancellations of China’s aircraft orders
  • Growth rate of approximately 8% p/a anticipated by major manufacturers
  • 18 high-density city pairs with more than 1,000 daily pax: Airbus
  • China Eastern the country’s largest Airbus operator

Graphs and data:

  • AVIC, Boeing and Airbus 20 year forecasts to 2028
  • Fastest growing cities: Airport pairs expected to grow above average domestic traffic growth
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