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China unveils ‘New ATM’ system goals


China is embarking on a bold ‘New ATM’ development programme, to meet the capacity needs of its expanding aviation sector, while improving safety, efficiency and service levels. [1277 words]

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  • Short-term outlook not as promising
  • Making some progress in the short-term
  • Addressing the limitations of the Chinese ATM system - a balanced approach
  • Transitioning to greater effectiveness

Graphs and data:

  • China's aviation system development: 2005 to 2020
  • Chinese mainland carriers' passenger numbers vs cargo volume growth (% change year-on-year): Sep-07 to Aug-08
  • Chinese mainland carriers' passenger numbers growth (% change year-on-year): Sep-07 to Aug-08
  • Total passenger numbers for Mainland Chinese carriers (% change year-on-year): Jan-08 to Aug-08
  • Short-term measures for improving the present ATM system: "Eleventh Five-Year" Plan goals
  • China's ATM transitioning under New ATM system
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