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Changi Airport Group revenues reach all-time high


Singapore’s Changi Airport Group (CAG) recently released its report and accounts for the financial year ending 31-Mar-2012. With revenues increasing in both the aero and non-aero segments to “all time highs,” CAG, in its third year since corporatisation, achieved an astonishing EBITDA increase of over 50%. While passenger numbers at Changi grew by 11% and revenues by twice that amount, what is most impressive is CAG’s ability to control costs despite the impact of higher depreciation due to additional phased capitalisation of the Terminal 1 upgrade project and depreciation on the soon-to be-closed Budget Terminal. [1711 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Singapore a hub for the ASEAN member countries and the A380
  • Changi is in the world’s top four airports by way of retail sales
  • Overseas businesses to be one of CAG’s ‘pillars’
  • 'Investing to stay ahead'

Graphs and data:

  • Singapore Changi Airport financial highlights for 12 months ended 31-Mar-2012 (all financial figures in USD million)
  • Singapore Changi Airport capacity (% of seats) by carrier: 17-Sep-2012 to 23-Sep-2012
  • Singapore Changi Airport capacity (% of seats) by region: 17-Sep-2012  to 23-Sep-2012
  • Singapore Changi country share of Southeast Asia capacity (% of seats): 17-Sep-2012 to 23-Sep-2012
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