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British government decides in favour of third Heathrow runway - World War 3 declared by opponents


In the wake of accusations of 'dithering' over the decision on whether or not to build a third runway at London's Heathrow Airport, British Premier Gordon Brown, via his Transport Secretary Geoff Hoon (previously Defence Minister and no doubt glad of the experience), finally grasped the nettle on 15-Jan-09 and decided to proceed. This relatively small project for a single short runway has split the nation like no other transport undertaking has ever done before, into camps that prioritise retaining London's status as a world centre of finance, and those that are more preoccupied with saving the planet. [2252 words]

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  • Problems stack up for government and BAA - Gatwick bid first stage decision due. Demands for a second runway there, too?
  • Runway to be operational by 2019
  • Other features of the package are:
  • The mother of all battles
  • Forgotten third runway now a taxiway
  • Balancing the needs of the economy and the environment
  • Regional airport managers will not be happy
  • Conservatives change their spots
  • The future for BAA looks interesting
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