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Brazil's airlines (Part 1): Becoming prominent players in the global aviation development


In aviation among emerging nations, the two most commonly cited examples are China and India. Both have been much in the news. China's massive market continues to grow at double digit rates and India in particular has been something of a supernova in the 21st century, with airlines appearing like mushrooms after a heavy rain—and some withering with equal speed. But in the global development spectrum, Brazil is also a prominent player. Sometimes overlooked in the aviation sector because it is half a world away from the (once-again) booming Asian market that is soon to emerge as the world’s largest, Brazil is fast developing a formidable airline capability, as this CAPA study reports. [1985 words]

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  • A large country, ideal for air services
  • Varig, the core of the country's airline system for most of the 20th century
  • Cruzeiro do Sur, later part of Varig
  • Aerovias Brazil, also merged into Varig
  • Panair do Brasil, eventually Varig too
  • VASP, Transbrasil and Rio Sul
  • A Downward Spiral
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