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A new cycle of airline entry? Aircraft and fuel prices revive the prospects for would-be investors


"We won't do this until we are at the bottom of the business cycle... The only time to set up an airline is when they are parking planes in the desert. We are not very far from that at the moment. We would plan to do long-haul 18 months after we secure a fleet of aircraft." - Ryanair CEO, Michael O'Leary, announcing he would consider establishing an LCC sister company to launch long-haul operations, in the event aircraft prices fall next year. [1698 words]

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  • ILFC aircraft: orders, options, in service; Oct-08
  • LCC & Lessor B737NG scheduled deliveries: 01-Sep-08 to 30-Jun-09
  • Long-Haul Low Cost - a threat?
  • Conclusion: New Cycle, New opportunities

Graphs and data:

  • Proportions of premium capacity: North America to Europe routes: Nov-08
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