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Avinor enters new ATM alliance as competition looms


Avinor has joined the Air Navigation Service Providers of Denmark (Naviair), Estonia (EANS), Finland (Finavia), Iceland (ISAVIA), Ireland (IAA), Latvia (LGS), the UK (NATS) and Sweden (LFV) in a landmark step in European air navigation. At the end of Mar-2011, the ANSP announced they agreed to start the process of defining a formal alliance to accelerate the benefits of closer harmonisation as Europe moves towards implementing Functional Airspace Blocks and the Single European Sky. [1441 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Cost efficiencies key for Avinor
  • Traffic comes back over 2010
  • 2011: Charges cut, dividend to be paid and more profits expected

Graphs and data:

  • European FABs
  • Norwegian air traffic by segment
  • Traffic at 10 largest Norwegian airports (aircraft movements): 2010
  • Norwegian overflights: 2010
  • Avinor charges 2011 (Norwegian Krone)
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