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Latin American aviation: Can Avianca set the Synergies flowing?


Colombian aviation is undergoing a renaissance as flag carrier, Avianca, gears up for an aggressive expansion phase. Fresh from last month’s successful bond issue, in which the carrier raised close to USD250 million, Avianca is on the expansion trail, both organically and via the acquisitions of its parent conglomerate, the Synergy Group. Avianca, along with Brazil’s OceanAir, are key components of Synergy’s grand plan to create one of Latin America’s largest integrated cross-border airline and cargo groups. So far, the progress is on-track, as we review in this SWOT analysis. [3788 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Revolution in the air
  • The aviation response: the cross-border franchise
  • STRENGTHS: Solid growth and excellent backing
  • WEAKNESSES: Airline model, Integration and funding challenges
  • OPPORTUNITIES: Economic revival
  • THREATS: Competition and Unrest
  • Outlook: Mining the Synergies

Graphs and data:

  • Selected Latin American countries’ GDP per capita and propensity to travel by air
  • Colombian domestic market capacity (seats, millions) growth: Jan-01-Aug-01 to Jan-09-Aug-09
  • Colombian international market capacity (seats, millions) growth: Jan-01-Aug-01 to Jan-09-Aug-09
  • Colombia domestic carrier capacity share (%)
  • Colombia international carrier capacity share (%)
  • Avianca capacity share by market
  • Avianca fleet in service & on order
  • German Efromovich, President and CEO Synergy Group
  • The Synergy Group: Aug-2009
  • Other carriers in the Synergy Group stable
  • Selected Latin American countries’ GDP at purchasing power parity (PPP), per capita: 2008
  • Selected Latin American countries’ propensity to travel by air
  • US – Colombia carrier capacity share (%)
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