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Asia Pacific airline fleet growth to peak in 2010; China Southern, Air China and ANA fastest growth


Asia Pacific airlines are expected to add around 468 new aircraft to their fleets in 2010, making it a peak year for deliveries to the region, after 429 deliveries last year and a similar number booked for 2011. The analysis, presented exclusively in The Centre’s Asia Pacific Aviation's Airline Daily publication, is drawn from Ascend fleet data and shows the region’s airlines added 407 aircraft in the boom economic times in 2007 and 2008. Such an aggressive rate of fleet expansion at the current difficult stage of the economic cycle raises questions as to the ability of airlines to fund such high rates of deliveries. [738 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Balance sheets under pressure
  • The Top 20: China Southern, Air China and ANA to lead orders
  • AirAsia leads the LCCs, Tiger bringing forward deliveries

Graphs and data:

  • Asia Pacific airlines’ annual aircraft deliveries: 2007 to 2011F
  • Top 20 Fastest growing Asia Pacific airlines by fleet: 2010
  • Asia Pacific airline fleet growth (full list by airline): 2010
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