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As Single European Sky stalls, airlines claim governments using financial meltdown as excuse


The latest “traffic light” report from the European Commission on the progress European Union (EU) member states have made on the Single European Sky air traffic management scheme does not bode well for ATM in the region.

Only five out of 27 EU member states – Belgium, Denmark, Lithuania, Luxembourg and the Netherlands – get a ‘green light’ in the report, as being on track to meet targets for cost and capacity/delays for the next three years. Under the existing performance plans, European air navigation service providers (ANSP) would fail to meet EU targets for both capacity and cost effectiveness. Of the nine Functional Airspace Block initiatives (FAB), all except the Danish/Swedish FAB are classed as either ‘orange’ or ‘red’, giving “serious cause for concern”. [1491 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • A decade of SES
  • Implementation continues – just not as fast or as well as would be liked

Graphs and data:

  • EU-wide performance targets for RP1
  • Cost of delays above performance targets
  • ANSP costs: Difference between national performance plans and EU targets (EUR million)
  • Functional Airspace Blocks progress on 2012 targets
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