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Airtran Airways to reduce workforce by more than 5% in Sep-08; reduce employee pay by 5-15% from Aug


AirTran Airways stated it will reduce its workforce by 480 jobs, or more than 5% of its workforce, covering 180 pilot and 300 flight attendant jobs, effective 06-Sep-08. [1121 words]

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  • Feeling the pressures from rising fuel prices; has one of highest fuel costs per gallon among US carriers
  • Awarded USD47 million government travel contract
  • Reports all-time record June traffic
  • Capacity growth slows to zero

Graphs and data:

  • US airline 1Q08 fuel costs per gallon (GAAP, including tax)
  • Air Tran Airways fuel cost per gallon (USD): Jan-00 to Apr-08
  • AirTran traffic highlights for Jun-08
  • AirTran monthly passenger traffic (millions) and load factor (%): 12 months to 31-May-07 vs 12 months to 31-May-08 Source: Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation & AirTran
  • AirTran traffic highlights for six months to 30-Jun-08
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