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AirTran's tough decisions yields record first quarter profits


AirTran Airways reported its best first quarter earnings in its history, with a record first quarter income of USD28.7 million in the three months ended 31-Mar-09 (compared to a net loss of USD35.4 million in the previous corresponding period), along with a record operating profit of USD47.7 million (compared to an operating loss of USD35.4 million in 1Q08). The LCC also achieved the highest first quarter load factor in its history, at 76.3%. [1569 words]

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  • Expects profitable 2009
  • Revenue and yield weaken in 1Q09; weakness to continue
  • Targeting a 4% capacity reduction in 2009 but growth to return in 4Q09
  • But growth in select markets; Milwaukee seen as key priority in 2009
  • Early restructure to yield positive gains in 2009

Graphs and data:

  • AirTran Airways share price growth: Apr-2008 to Apr-2009
  • AirTran financial highlights for three months ended 31-Mar-09
  • AirTran operating margin: 2Q05 to 1Q09
  • AirTran yield (per RPM) and cost (per ASM): 2Q05 to 1Q09
  • AirTran fuel cost as a proportion of total operating expenses: 2Q04 to 4Q08
  • AirTran unit revenue and unit cost projects for 2Q09
  • AirTran traffic (RPM) growth (% change year-on-year) and passenger load factors (%): Jan-2008 to Mar-2009
  • AirTran load factor vs break even load factor: 2Q05 to 1Q09
  • AirTran capacity (ASM) plan for 2009
  • AirTran Airways capacity (ASK) growth: Jan-2004 to Jan-2009
  • AirTran Airways fleet plans: 2009 to 2016
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