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Airline CEOs were becoming more optimistic before swine flu outbreak


The swine flu outbreak has raised fresh uncertainty about the outlook for the beleaguered global aviation industry. Prior to this latest threat to industry stability, airline CEOs had become somewhat more optimistic regarding the outlook for profitability and traffic over the next 12 months, according to an IATA survey. And as tracked by The Centre, several CEOs had noted a "bottoming" of demand and the first signs of a recovery. But many others remain unconvinced. [2316 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Latest IATA CEO survey shows some encouragement
  • Mixed positions
  • Yes, the bottom is nigh...
  • No, the bottom is later...
  • The bottom is...I don't know?
  • The bottom is...I don't really care...
  • Yields expected to remain weak
  • Employment levels to keep falling
  • Outlook: Uncertainty prevails

Graphs and data:

  • How has profitability changed? How do you expect it to change over the next 12 months? (compared to previous surveys)
  • The actual and expected change in passenger yields
  • The actual and expected change in cargo yields
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