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AirAsia’s growth continues at a frantic pace – but loads slip slightly in 2Q2009


Air Asia’s preliminary statistics for 2Q2009 continue to display the seemingly inexorable growth displayed by this LCC for some time. The only slight cloud, indicating that capacity growth has run a little ahead of demand, is the carrier’s small slip in passenger seat factor. However, when this is balanced against the massive expansion of capacity, and considered in relation to economic factors and H1N1 flu fears, it is a set of figures that must have most other airlines looking on in envy. [653 words]

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  • Capital raising through new share placement well received
  • Shareholders approve financial assistance to Indonesian and Thai subsidiaries
  • Merger plans with AirAsia-X seemingly a non-starter

Graphs and data:

  • AirAsia preliminary traffic highlights for April-June-2009
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