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Air New Zealand and Auckland Airport profits jump; Christchurch earthquake uncertainty


The IMF stated it would likely revise down its economic growth forecast for New Zealand “somewhat” from the 3% forecast, following the devastating earthquake in Christchurch which is expected to cost the New Zealand economy up to NZD20 billion (USD14.9 billion). [2561 words]

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  • Air New Zealand to focus on Christchurch economic recovery
  • Air New Zealand reports 'strong' half-year performance
  • Net profit of USD73m as revenues increase to USD1.7 billion
  • Group yield improves, capacity remains below peak of 2008
  • Improved long-haul yields; short-haul remains 'reduced'
  • Well hedged for next six months
  • Faces greater competition on long-haul Asian routes
  • To take delivery of five aircraft in FY2011
  • Auckland's first half growth leads to uplift in profits and dividends
  • Revenue growth of 9%; double-digit airfield and retail income
  • ‘Encouraged’ by new air services, particularly from Asia
  • Future uncertain after earthquake shock

Graphs and data:

  • Key influences on Air New Zealand profitability: Six months ended 31-Dec-2010
  • Air New Zealand financial highlights for the six months ended 31-Dec-2010
  • Air New Zealand operating profit margin and net profit margin: FY2008 to 1HFY2011
  • Air New Zealand yield: 2005 to 1HFY2011
  • Air New Zealand passenger numbers and PLF: 2004 to 1HFY2011
  • Air New Zealand yield development: Jul-2010 to Dec-2010
  • Air New Zealand capacity developments: 1H2006 to 1H2011
  • Long-haul yield and RASK performance: Jul-2010 to Dec-2010
  • Domestic yield and RASK performance: Jul-2010 to Dec-2010
  • Air New Zealand fuel hedging position
  • Jet fuel and crude oil price development: Jun-2009 to Feb-2011
  • Air New Zealand fleet profile
  • Aircraft Capital Commitments: FY2011 to FY2013
  • Auckland Airport EBITDA margin and profit after tax margin: 2005 to 1HFY2011
  • Auckland Airport revenue growth and passenger numbers growth: 2005 to 1HFY2011
  • International long-term car park occupancy: 2009 vs 2010
  • 2010 duty free sales: % variance to 2009
  • Passenger growth rates: Jul-2010 to Dec-2010
  • Significant route development commencing in the six months to 31-Dec-2010
  • Significant route development announced to start from Jan-2011
  • New Zealand international arrivals by region
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