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Air India sees domestic improvement in Oct-2009


Air India expects to finally receive the first infusion of long discussed and hoped-for government funding, to the tune of USD86.0 million, by Jan-2010. [1557 words]

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  • Government funding dependent on cost-cut plan – and successful implementation
  • Parliamentary statement enumerates plans and progress
  • Domestic improvement in Oct-2009
  • New COO soon to be selected
  • Saving on labour costs remains a hard nut to crack
  • Real integration creeps closer, hopefully

Graphs and data:

  • Air India fleet: as of 08-Dec-09
  • Air India Express fleet: as of 08-Dec-09
  • Air India domestic passenger numbers and passenger numbers growth: Oct-2008 to Oct-2009
  • Air India domestic passenger market share: Jan-2008 to Oct-2009
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