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Air freight growth “bodes well for a sustained global economic recovery" - ACI


The world’s airports showed very healthy gains in air cargo volumes during May-2010, according to new figures from Airports Council International (ACI). The airports body noted that air freight growth is dominated by demand for international shipments, with major international freight hubs registered record volume increases, such as Shanghai Pudong (+59%), Hong Kong (+42%), Taipei (+53%), Chicago O'Hare (+47%), Dubai (+33.5%), New York JFK (+32%) and Frankfurt (+40%). [638 words]

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  • Passenger volumes also rising, off weak base
  • Airport shares mainly lower yesterday

Graphs and data:

  • ACI total cargo volume growth: May-2009 to May-2010
  • ACI total passenger number growth: May-2009 to May-2010
  • ACI pax growth by region in May-2010 and YTD May-2010
  • Selected airports daily share price movements (% change): 01-Jul-2010
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