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Air Canada and WestJet still facing a challenging operating environment


Air Canada and WestJet continued to face challenging operating conditions in Nov-2009, characterised by economic weakness, soft travel demand and aggressive pricing. [700 words]

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  • WestJet expecting double-digit RASM reduction in 4Q2009
  • Continuing to discount fares amid global financial downturn
  • Increasing capacity again
  • Over 12 months of capacity and traffic reductions for Air Canada
  • Air Canada’s load factors stronger than WestJet’s

Graphs and data:

  • WestJet traffic highlights: Nov-2009
  • WestJet passenger load factor and passenger load factor growth: Nov-2008 to Nov-2009
  • WestJet and Air Canada capacity (ASMs) growth: Nov-2008 to Nov-2009
  • Air Canada traffic highlights: Nov-2009
  • Air Canada and WestJet RPM growth: Nov-2008 to Nov-2009
  • WestJet and Air Canada PLF (%): Nov-2008 to Nov-2009
  • WestJet and Air Canada PLF (year-on-year growth): Nov-2008 to Nov-2009
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