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Air Berlin first quarter loss widens


A difficult three months has seen another disappointing first quarter result for Air Berlin. The carrier reported an operating (EBIT) loss of EUR98.6 million, EUR11.3 more than the loss it reported in the same period in 2009. The carrier reported a pre-tax loss of EUR125.5 million, compared to the EUR118.6 million loss in 1Q2010. [966 words]

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  • Heavy winter weather adds to costs
  • Cutting costs and sorting the fleet
  • Continuing expansion and better outlook

Graphs and data:

  • Air Berlin operating highlights: 1Q2009 vs 1Q2010
  • Air Berlin: Revenue per ASK & Revenue per RPK: 1Q2008 to 1Q2010
  • Air Berlin EBITDAR margin and net profit margin: 1Q2009 to 1Q2010
  • Air Berlin share price growth: Jan-2010 to May-2010
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