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Air Arabia CEO: LCC model “ideal” for the Middle East


Air Arabia’s CEO, Adel Ali, is not afraid to put his opinions on the future of Low Cost Carriers (LCCs) in the Middle East forward. As the head of the Middle East’s longest established, largest and most successful LCC, he sees massive potential growth in the region for the segment. In his own words, LCCs are the “ideal choice for travel” and the development of the model in the Middle East now “stands at a crossroads”. [1269 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • More LCCs to enter Middle East
  • LCCs filling a new and growing market, as Middle East economies evolve
  • LCC future needs more support
  • New Moroccan base to open shortly

Graphs and data:

  • A320 average daily utilisation rates: 2007
  • Middle East airport development projects
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