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ADC & HAS emerging as favourite for Zagreb concession


Rumours emanating from Croatia suggest the US-Canadian ADC&HAS joint venture is emerging as front runner for the concession to operate Zagreb’s Pleso Airport even though it does not satisfy one of the criteria demanded of potential concessionaires. [2379 words]

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  • AdP, Fraport, Bouygues, Munich all thought to be pitching
  • To be “the World’s leading airport operator” is the ADC & HAS vision
  • Conflict of interest?
  • Traffic flows mainly inbound
  • LCC presence is limited and Ryanair no-shows so far
  • Zagreb declines to burn its bridges
  • Employee share deal intended to limit public opposition to concession deal
  • Other carriers more important than Croatia Airlines

Graphs and data:

  • Zagreb Pleso Airport capacity share by carrier type (11-Apr-2011 to 17-Apr-2011)
  • Zagreb Pleso Airport capacity share by alliance (11-Apr-2011 to 17-Apr-2011)
  • Zagreb Pleso Airport schedule by class of seat - one way weekly departing seats (11-Apr-2011 to 17-Apr-2011)
  • Zagreb Pleso Airport capacity (seats per week, to/from) by carrier (11-Apr-2011 to 17-Apr-2011)
  • Zagreb Pleso Airport international vs. domestic capacity share (11-Apr-2011 to 17-Apr-2011)
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