Living in a Brand New World. Alex Cruz, Vueling CEO on CAPA’s Airlines in Transition Conference

Press Release

CAPA’s Airlines in Transition conference Istanbul 19/20 April

Vueling CEO Alex Cruz, who is one of the 25+ airline CEOs who will be participating in CAPA’s Airlines in Transition conference in Istanbul 19/20 April, offers some key thoughts on airline survival in a Brand New World.

The starting point always, he stresses, is that an airline must have the lowest costs possible – and that ensuring this is a continuing process, not just a one off programme. Cost consciousness is the most important feature in ensuring survival.

But there is another vital necessity too: to keep ensuring that the passenger is delivered a product that is what he or she wants – not just what the airline chooses to provide. Airlines need to become more sophisticated, says Mr Cruz, focussing on providing more services, not less.

Vueling for example has introduced a frequent flyer programme, uses global distribution systems and offers connections, across the Vueling system and with other airlines – all of these things that passengers want.

Hear more of Mr Cruz’s views, along with those of CEOs from full service and low cost airlines from around the world, in Istanbul 19/20 April – in what is already being described as “the most interesting conference of the year”.