CAPA India announces launch of CAPA Aircraft Advisory Service

Press Release

Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation announced today the launch of CAPA Aircraft Advisory, India’s first professional end-to-end aircraft acquisition service. This unique solution is designed to de-mystify the process of selecting and acquiring, an aircraft for private or general use, be it a business jet, a turboprop or a helicopter.

“Today, India has the fourth highest number of firm orders for business jets and jetliners in the world. And over the next five years, India will enter the ranks of the top 10 business and general aviation markets in the world. This projected scale and sophistication calls for a service such as CAPA Aircraft Advisory,” stated Peter Harbison, Executive Chairman.

The service has been designed keeping in mind that most operators of private aircraft are not from the aviation industry. For such companies, the acquisition or disposal of an aircraft is unfamiliar territory and lies outside their core expertise.

Processing the options available in terms of mission capabilities, interiors, support, aircraft management, training, regulatory approvals, finance and structuring can be a bewildering exercise.  And the potential for selecting an inappropriate aircraft or on unfavourable terms is high. CAPA Aircraft Advisory provides aircraft buyers with the knowledge and confidence to make the right decisions.

“Our ability to combine a deep understanding of Indian aviation, detailed knowledge of aircraft operations, access to the world’s leading database on aircraft transactions and valuations and a customised approach to understanding each client’s specific requirements, means that CAPA Aircraft Advisory is unrivalled in the market in bringing together every element necessary to provide a genuine solution for our clients. A further significant differentiator lies in the level of transparency and professionalism in our delivery,” added Mr Harbison.

CAPA Aircraft Advisory provides a flexible range of modules to assist clients through the aircraft selection and acquisition process, tailored to their specific situation. These include:

  • Detailed Needs Assessment: Far too often companies are sold an aircraft that simply does not suit their mission requirements. CAPA starts the process by thoroughly evaluating the objectives behind the purchase;
  • Aircraft Identification: The mission requirements are overlaid with budgetary considerations, to determine whether new or second hand equipment is appropriate. Based on this, a shortlist of prospective aircraft types is identified, together with indicative availability and pricing.
  • Ownership Options: This involves an assessment of whether outright ownership is appropriate or whether fractional ownership or a jet card facility may be more cost effective;
  • Manufacturer Liaison: For new aircraft purchases introductions are provided to manufacturers at the right level, resulting in priority service for clients. Alternatively, for second hand aircraft, third parties are identified with suitable equipment for sale;
  • Configurations: Assistance with specification and customisation of interior configurations is available to meet a variety of budgets and requirements.
  • Valuations: With the support of Ascend’s comprehensive database of more than 20,000 business jets, current and historical market and base values for all in-production aircraft are available;
  • Aircraft Appraisals: A range of appraisal services are available, from desktop analysis to detailed on-site inspections, records reviews and operational audits;
  • Logistics & Support: A key feature of the service is that a holistic view of the acquisition process is presented, by identifying issues related to pilot recruitment, training, maintenance and aircraft management. Assistance with vendor selection for such ancillary services is also available.
  • Regulatory & Policy: CAPA India has an unrivalled understanding of the aviation regulatory environment, both from a macro perspective of national policy as well as approvals and licensing requirements in relation to the acquisition of private aircraft.
  • Transaction Advisory: Leading affiliated law firms provide expert advice on legal, taxation and contract matters.
  • Finance: Through an extensive network of Indian and global institutions, clients can be introduced to providers of financing and re-financing for aircraft acquisitions on competitive terms.