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OAG is an Air Travel Intelligence company that specialises in the delivery of digital information and travel planning solutions to clients such as airlines, airports, government agencies and travel-related service companies. The company offers flight status and scheduling data, as well as analysis tools to facilitate commercial planning and business decisions.  With it’s headquarters in Luton, OAG has international offices in the United States, China, Japan and Singapore.

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CAPA goes live with OAG schedules and route maps

26-Nov-2013 10:39 PM

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 26 November 2013: CAPA, the leading aviation market intelligence provider, and OAG, market leader in aviation data and schedules information, are today celebrating their new partnership 'going live', with OAG’s schedules data now incorporated into CAPA’s aviation intelligence products. Unveiled at CAPA’s World Aviation Summit, which brings together the CEOs of 20 airlines and 300 attendees in Amsterdam, the partnership allows CAPA subscribers to have access to the most extensive and complete schedules data with extended capabilities for market share and trend analysis.

John Grant, executive vice president, OAG, says: “OAG’s data, which is unrivalled in its quality and comprehensiveness, underpins the best aviation industry analysis worldwide. CAPA is the major supplier of intelligence and decision-support tools to the travel and aviation communities. We are delighted to see the first stage of our partnership now live and we are looking forward to developing this relationship further in 2014 and beyond.”

Jetstar-JAL LCC, "Jetstar Japan" to commence service by Dec-2012

16-Aug-2011 5:55 PM

Japan Airlines Corp, Jetstar Airways and Mitsubishi Corp confirmed plans to establish a LCC JV in the Japan market by Dec-2012. Jetstar Japan will be Japan's third new LCC announced this year, following hard off the heels of All Nippon Airways' announcement last month that it plans to establish a JV with leading low cost airline AirAsia, AirAsia Japan, in addition to its previously announced LCC, Peach. The JAL JV would add another piece to the complex jigsaw that is now transforming the Asian airline market. The potential market growth as these successive ventures are introduced can be measured in the hundreds of millions of new passengers. Removal of highly restrictive regulatory conditions and the scale of opportunities as new city pair market options emerge mean literally that the sky is the limit for growth upsides.

European airlines ramp-up capacity to China

10-Aug-2011 5:33 PM

Asia Pacific, particularly China, is one of the current destination hotspots for European carriers, with connections between Europe and China improving in recent months and over the past couple of years. The initial focus was obviously on providing connectivity between key European hubs and the capital city of Beijing, with services to Shanghai also quite extensive, although a number of carriers are adding service to secondary, albeit still large destinations in China, such as Chengdu, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Chongqin, Urumqi, Sancha, Dalian and Harbin.

US airlines’ cautious capacity approach proves beneficial

22-Jul-2011 10:41 AM

Cautious capacity growth plans for 2011 highlight concerns among US carriers in adding back seats at a rate that could create the excess capacity situations of previous post-recession recoveries. Instead, airlines are focussing on the protection of yields and profits as escalating fuel costs threaten the global aviation industry’s profits.

European carriers trending in right direction in first summer month

21-Jul-2011 4:09 PM

Europe’s major airlines have made a good start to the northern summer, with strong gains in load factors across the board and almost all carriers reporting year-on-year increases in passenger numbers.

Air France looks to regional points to counter LCC, TGV threat

13-Jul-2011 3:54 PM

Air France has announced plans to move away from its Paris-centric strategy and moved into regional French market in a bid to counter the growing threat of low-cost carriers in its home market, which remains one of Europe’s few remaining spaces for growth in the sector.

This content is exclusively for CAPA Membership Subscribers

CAPA Membership gives you the latest aviation news and alerts, access to CAPA articles, reports, and our leading aviation data with optional premium add-ons.