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Zagreb Airport concession contract signed transferring management

12-Apr-2012 11:01 AM

France's Aéroports de Paris Management (a subsidiary of Aéroports de Paris), Bouygues Bâtiment International (a subsidiary of Bouygues Construction) and Viadukt (a Croatian construction company), all members of Zaic consortium (Zagreb Airport International Company), signed (11-Apr-2012) the concession contract for Zagreb Airport. The signature marks the financial closure phase following which the management of Zagreb Arport will be transferred to Zaic. The concession contract includes:

  • financing, designing and construction of a passenger terminal which will replace the current outdated one. The construction works, lasting three years, will be carried out by Bouygues Bâtiment International in partnership with Viadukt;
  • Operating the entire airport for 30 years, including the runways, the current passenger terminal during the entire construction period, the new terminal once it is completed, the cargo terminal, car parks and future property developments.

The concession contract constitutes a total investment of EUR324 million: EUR236 million for the design and construction of the new terminal and €88 million for operation of all airport infrastructure for the entire period of the concession. Aéroports de Paris Management will be in charge, through Zaic, of all Zagreb airport operations and maintenance activities. [more - original PR]