2-Jun-2010 12:34 PM

Viva Macau goes on the attack in attempt to get in the air again

Viva Macau has strongly (01-Jun-2010) opposed this week’s decision by the Macau Court of Second Instance in declining an appeal that would have suspended a decision of the Secretary for Transport and Public Works. That decision resulted in the termination of the airline’s sub-concession in Mar-2010. In declining the appeal, the court ruled that the Secretary had only expressed an “opinion” rather than making an “administrative act” that had effects which can be suspended. This was despite a 28-Mar-2010 letter from the President of the Macau SAR CAA directing Air Macau to terminate the sub-concession, including the statement: “According to the decision of the Secretary of Public Works and Transport of today… Air Macau must terminate immediately the contract of sub-concession agreement with Viva Macau”. A Viva Macau spokesman yesterday stated that this highlights “the bizarre circumstances around the sudden revocation of the Viva Macau Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC).” [more]