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US Airways President names Delta, American and United as possible merger partners

2-Jun-2010 12:39 PM

US Airways President, Scott Kirby, stated possible merger partners for the carrier include Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and American Airlines but ruled out rumours of merging with smaller carriers due to pilot seniority issues and differences in cost structures (Phoenix Business Journal/The Street, 01-Jun-2010).

US Airways: "Further down the road, there's a high probability that US Airways will wind up merging with either United (UAUA), Delta (DAL) or American (AMR). None of those are anywhere close to dominant market shares. We'll be about 8%. We could merge with any one of those [three]. At most, you take Delta or United up to 30%. That still leaves a very competitive vibrant industry and one of the industries that's most competitive today." Scott Kirby, President of US Airways. Source: Phoenix Business Journal/The Street, 01-Jun-2010.