30-Dec-2009 12:03 PM

TAM expects double-digit domesitc aviation growth in 2010; to attract first-time flyers

TAM stated it expects Brazil’s domestic aviation market to grow by up to 12% in 2010, as incomes and employment levels continue to rise and new promotions attract first-time, lower-income flyers (Wall Street Journal, 29-Dec-2009). CEO, Líbano Barroso, stated attracting first-time flyers with easy payment options is one of the keys to raising growth levels in the USD6.5 billion Brazilian air travel market.

TAM: "Economists are forecasting the economy will grow around 5% in 2010. We see the aviation market expanding double that, maybe two and a half times that," Líbano Barroso, CEO. Source: Wall Street Journal, 29-Dec-2009.