20-Nov-2009 11:59 AM

Sydney Airport reports 6% rise in Oct-2009 pax numbers

MAp reports (20-Nov-09) the following traffic highlights for its investment airports in Oct-2009:

  • Passenger numbers:
    • Sydney Airport: 3.1 million, +6.1% year-on-year;
      • Domestic: 2.1 million, +3.6%;
      • International: 973,000, +12.5%;
    • Copenhagen Airport: 1.8 million, -2.7%;
    • Brussels Airport: 1.5 million, -5.8%;
    • Bristol Airport: 525,000, -1.0%;
    • ASUR: 1.0 million, -7.2%. [more]

Map: “The October traffic results highlight the ongoing recovery across our portfolio, with all four airports reporting their strongest underlying monthly performance of 2009. For the third month in a row, Sydney traffic grew strongly in both international and domestic segments, with international traffic up 12.5%, helped in part by the school holidays and World Masters Games, and at Copenhagen O&D traffic was also ahead of last year,” Ms Kerrie Mather, MAp Chief Executive Officer. Source: Map, 20-Nov-2009.