18-Nov-2011 11:37 AM

StarFlyer reports USD4m operating profit in 1HFY2011

StarFlyer reported the following financial highlights for six months ended 30-Sep-2011:

  • Total revenue: USD133.9 million, n/a year-on-year;
    • Ancillary: USD3.6 million;
  • Costs: USD117.9 million;
  • Operating profit: USD4.0 million;
  • Net profit: USD1.2 million;
  • Passenger numbers: 415,315,
  • Passenger load factor: 65.8%,
  • Total assets: USD119.6 million;
  • Cash on hand and in bank: USD41.4 million;
  • Total liabilities: USD85.6 million.

*Based on the conversion rate at USD1 = JPY76.9882