9-Jan-2013 2:28 PM

St Marteen International Airport issues EoIs for 24 duty free concessions

Sint Maarten’s St Marteen International Airport announced (08-Jan-2013) it is inviting experienced duty free operators to submit EoIs for duty free operations at the airport. The airport is issuing 24 discrete concession packages covering retail and F&B. The current concessionaire agreements for retail operators expire on 30-Jun-2013. Concessionaire agreements for F&B operators expire on 30-Jun-2014. All retail and F&B units will be tendered under the EoIs. The new concessionaire agreements will be for five years for retail and seven years for F&B and will commence on 01-Jul-2013. The airport is currently completely redesigning and redeveloping the commercial area in the terminal building. Details of the packages are:

  • Package 1: Duty-free core categories;
  • Package 2: Sunglass operator;
  • Package 3: News, books and media categories;
  • Package 4: Sint Maarten/Caribbean souvenirs operator;
  • Package 5: Fashion operator;
  • Package 6: Jewelry and watches operator;
  • Package 8: Coffee and sandwich bar operator;
  • Package 9: Sint Maarten icon bar;
  • Package 10: Sint Maarten/Caribbean food;
  • Package 11: Fast food hamburger operator;
  • Package 12: Italian food and/or sandwiches operator;
  • Package 13: Full-service restaurant;
  • Package 14: Café de Paris;
  • Package 15: Ice cream kiosk;
  • Package 16: Coffee kiosk;
  • Package 17: Drugstore;
  • Package 18: Telecom store;
  • Package 19: Convenience store;
  • Package 20: News and book store;
  • Package 21: Full-service restaurant (landside);
  • Package 22: Italian food (landside);
  • Package 23: Fast food (landside);
  • Package 24: Coffee operator (landside);
  • Package 25: Sandwich operator.