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Spanish air traffic controllers refuse new conditions

9-Sep-2010 10:00 AM

Spain's Public Works Minister, José Blanco, has met with representatives of the USCA air traffic controllers’ union in an effort to resolve the issue of 152 controllers (out of a total 2,400), who are looking to be paid off under a contractual clause that entitles them to 20 days' salary for every year worked up to a maximum of nine months or EUR130,000 (Leader, 08-Sep-2010). USCA said approximately 400 of its members want to exit the company under an article in the "Statute of Workers Rights" that guarantees them 45 days' wages for every year in service up to a maximum of 42 months, which under the new collective agreement could amount to some EUR700,000, and over EUR1 million under the old one.