22-Feb-2010 1:50 PM

Southwest Airlines rearranges 10% of schedule times to facilitate transfers

Southwest Airlines announced it is "tweaking" the timing of 10% of its services, allowing them to better connect to the carrier's other services, primarily at Phoenix, Baltimore, Las Vegas, St Louis, Denver and Chicago (Dallas Morning News, 21-Feb-2010).

Southwest Airlines: "We're still primarily point-to-point. We've got a network built around point-to-point. All that we've really done is go back and look at flight times in a way that we could better arrange some of these connecting opportunities...We're still talking about just north of 10% of our flights where we're tweaking the times to allow connecting opportunities. But the network is built around the point-to-point philosophy. We're tweaking that to allow for better connections in our bigger cities. I would not call it banking," Bob Jordan, Executive VP Strategy and Planning. Source: Dallas Morning News, 21-Feb-2010.