17-Dec-2009 8:39 AM

Singapore Airlines to boost frequencies in coming months

Singapore Airlines plans (16-Dec-2009) to make changes to its route network in the coming months that will include frequency increases on several routes - see Route Changes Table for more information. :

  • Expanded frequencies:
    • Moscow-Houston: to five times daily on 18-Dec-2009;
    • Newark: to daily on 19-Jan-2010;
    • Colombo: to daily in Summer 2010;
    • Dhaka: to daily in Summer 2010;
    • Mumbai: to twice daily in Mar-2010;
    • Delhi: to twice daily in Jun-2010;
    • Incheon: to 18 times weekly in Jun-2010.
  • Decreased frequencies:
    • Ho Chi Minh City: to 14 times weekly in Jan-2010;
    • Kuala Lumpur: to 17 times weekly in Jan-2010;
  • Suspended routes: