2-Sep-2010 11:33 AM

Russia's Federal Tariff Service increases Vnukovo Airport charges

Russia’s Federal Tariff Service (FTS) increased Moscow Vnukovo International Airport airline charges (Russian Transport Daily Report, 02-Sep-2010).

  • Take-off and landing charges: increased by 7% to EUR3.92 (RUB154.10) per ton;
  • Parking charges: 5% against the take-off and landing charge per hour (for passenger aircraft parked more than three hours after landing and freighter aircraft parked more than six hours after landing);
  • Security charges: increased by 16% to EUR3.54 (RUB139.40) per ton;
  • Domestic terminal charges: EUR1.16 (RUB45.50) per passenger, or EUR1.91 (RUB75.00) for international services;
  • Passenger handling charge: EUR3.23 (RUB127.00) per passenger for domestic services, EUR3.66 (RUB144.00) for international services.