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Melbourne aims for 25% market share of Australia's international market

23-Jul-2010 10:18 AM

Australia’s Melbourne Airport CEO Chris Woodruff, stated it may take longer to achieve the 25% market share than the original target of five years, but believed an increase of 1% per year was sustainable in terms of ensuring infrastructure was in place to cope (The Australian, 23-Jul-2010). Mr Woodruff stated a 13% growth in international services for FY2009-10 had helped secure what he considered Victoria's "fair share" of the market.

Melbourne Airport: "I still believe that's probably the right number to shoot for, but I think being number two in the market means you've always got to work harder ... Airlines, if they're sitting in Delhi, or they're sitting in Narita, or they're sitting in Rio might not know Australia too well and the first thing that springs to mind is obviously Sydney. And it's the classic national carrier focus to fly stock exchange to stock exchange, so we've got to tell our story differently." Chris Woodruff, CEO. Source: The Australian, 23-Jul-2010.