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Lufthansa will no longer refund fuel, security charges on unused tickets; ancillary revenue move

19-Mar-2010 11:11 AM

Lufthansa confirmed that, as of 01-Mar-2010, it no longer refunds fuel and security surcharges on unused non-refundable tickets (EuroBTN, 18-Mar-2010). The German Travel Managers Association, VDR, has condemned the rule change. The carrier stated taxes and fees that the airline passes on to third parties, such as airports and air traffic control, will still be refunded on request. The carrier currently imposes a fuel surcharge of EUR24 per flight on short-haul routes and EUR77-92 on long-haul sectors. It also levies a surcharge of EU8 to offset security costs. Retaining these payments and only refunding  taxes and fees "on request" should offer a solid of ancillary income to the airline's bottom line, but without causing obvious harm to the full service brand.