25-Jan-2010 2:06 PM

Lufthansa tempers analysts' expectations, shares slump

Lufthansa stated that analysts have overestimated 2010 earnings due to "enduring uncertainties" over demand and fuel costs (Bloomberg, 22-Jan-2010). Lufthansa's shares slumped 6.6% on Friday - the biggest one-day fall in ten months. Lufthansa previously stated that its full operating profit target would be hard to achieve. The airline will release 2009 figures on 11-Mar-2010. [more - Perspective]

Lufthansa: “Given the enduring uncertainties in the industry concerning demand and the oil price, the estimates of some analysts are high,” Lufthansa spokeswoman Claudia Lange, Source: Bloomberg. 22-Jan-2010.

Vereinigung Cockpit is waiting for the result of a strike vote, to be released at 17-Feb-2010. Lufthansa is confident that a solution for a pay increase and job security can be reached.