13-Oct-2009 8:27 AM

Lufthansa relaunches inflight Internet

Lufthansa announced (12-Oct-2009) plans to relaunch FlyNet, its on-board broadband Internet service, in co-operation with Panasonic. Lufthansa is the launch customer for Panasonic Avionics Corporation's Global Communications Suite, which includes technology from a number of providers. The carrier aims to equip a "major part" of its long-haul fleet with FlyNet within the first year of operation. Passengers will be offered WLAN Internet access. [more - Lufthansa] [more - Panasonic] [more - Aeromobile]

Lufthansa: "In terms of communications, Lufthansa customers can look forward to a top-tier inflight service. On long-haul routes, we offer business travellers, in particular, a range of communications options on a par with those available at powerful hotspots or upmarket hotels," Wolfgang Mayrhuber, CEO & Chairman. Source: Lufthansa, 12-Oct-2009.