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LCCs to hurt Montenegro Airlines

3-Mar-2011 1:07 PM

Montenegro Airlines CEO Zoran Djurišić stated that LCCs, which are expected to enter the Montenegrin market this summer, will undoubtedly hurt the airline (EX-YU Aviation News, 28-Feb-2011). The CEO launched an attack on the LCC model, stating that if LCCs plan on entering the market they should operate year-round service. LCCs will only enter the market in the peak travel season, which hurt the national carrier.

Montengro Airlines: “Montenegro Airlines struggles for eight months while low cost airlines will operate for three months and fill their aircraft to London, Paris and Moscow, services which we have nurtured for eight months. I have cut pilot and engineer salaries by 30% so we can survive.” Zoran Djurišić, CEO. Source: EX-YU Aviation News, 28-Feb-2011.