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Jat Airways "doing everything in its power" to resume operations

2-Oct-2009 8:40 AM

Jat Airways announced (01-Oct-09) it is "currently doing everything in its power" to resume operations and mitigate the consequences caused by the strike of the Jat Tehnika enterprise. Jat Airways stated it secured the departure of a charter service to Donetsk on 30-Sep-09, with an aircraft from Aviogenex, which was also used for charter operations to Moscow. [more]

Wizz Air also announced (01-Oct-09) it would provide re-routing alternatives to passengers affected by the grounded flights of Jat Airways at Belgrade Airport and is offering EUR40 one way fares for passengers who hold a valid Jat ticket for travel between 01-Oct-09 and 27-Mar-2010. [more]