10-Aug-2010 9:59 AM

Japan Airlines seeking to reduce workforce by 19,133 positions by Mar-2015

Japan Airlines Corp is reportedly planning to reduce its workforce by 19,133 by the end of Mar-2015 (from Mar-2009 levels), according to the carrier's final draft rehabiliation plan (Kyodo/Reuters, 09-Aug-2010). The draft reportedly stated JAL would expand its previously announced retirement programme and eliminate 8,339 jobs through FY2014 ending Mar-2015. The early retirement programme reportedly involves a reduction of 2,271 employees in airport-related operations, 1,877 flight attendants, 1,480 mechanics, 1,232 salespeople and 826 pilots. The carrier had previously planned to reduce approximately 16,000 jobs. The carrier is expected to reduce employment costs to JPY255.2 billion (USD3.0 billion) in FY2012.