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Iberia completes management restructuring

3-Dec-2013 7:59 AM

Iberia completed (02-Dec-2013) its management restructuring, cutting almost half of all management positions. The number of senior and unit managers has been reduced by 48% to 399, with the carrier putting the overall reduction at 35% due to a number of quasi-management positions not featuring on its initial organisation chart. The number of senior executive positions has been reduced by 46% from 82 to 44, with the total number of management positions declining by 48% from 399 to 208. Iberia stated: "The new organisational structure is intended to meet the company’s current and future needs, and reflects the best practices in the market. The new structure is simpler and more flexible, efficient, agile, and transparent. Specific responsibilities are defined more clearly." [more - original PR] [more - original PR - Spanish]