11-Apr-2011 1:26 PM

Hamburg Airport reports 19% increase in 2010 profit

Germany’s Hamburg Airport reported (08-Apr-2011) a 19.4% year-on-year increase in profit to EUR41.8 million on the back of a 10.9% rise in revenue to EUR248.6 million and a 6.0% increase in passenger numbers to 13.0 million in 2010. The airport handled 71,580 tonnes of air freight, up 11.2% despite a 0.2% decline in aircraft movements at 157,180. [more]

Hamburg Airport: “We are taking the momentum from 2010 with us into the next financial year and view the future with optimism. The first quarter of 2010 brought with it 3.6% growth in passenger numbers. The year 2011 will see a continuation of the upward trend in passenger figures, although it will be more modest. Hamburg Airport is expecting growth of around 4%,” Michael Eggenschwiler, CEO. Source: Hamburg Airport, 08-Apr-2011.